Watch: Jimmy Fallon holes a bunker shot

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Jimmy Fallon is at it again, if he's not lip-syncing to your favorite song on the "Tonight Show," you can find him doing his best imitation of Tiger on the links, this time sinking a difficult bunker shot that any pro would be proud of.

Fallon has been playing since childhood. He did a number of golf-related segments on "Late Night" over the years and, now that he's got his hands firmly on the wheel at the "Tonight Show," he wants to get into the game even more.

"Golf is gonna be my thing," he said in a recent interview with Jada Yuan in New York Magazine -- conducted while they hit balls in a simulator.

"I have to be a rich old white guy, that's what I have to become," quipped Fallon, who counts Michael J. Fox and chef Mario Batali among his regular playing partners. "It's so sad, but I gotta play the part, man. I've already got my cardigan."

Fallon joined his high-school golf team, he explained, because he heard a school announcement saying, "'Uh, hey, if there's anyone interested in joining the golf team, we need one more player or else we can't have a team.' So I was like, Well, so I'll definitely make this team if I try out."