Troy Aikman admits rival was greatest quarterback of all time

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Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss a handful of football-related topics, one of which was the difference between the current offensive era and the one in which Aikman played. Both he and Patrick agree that the dramatic uptick in passing numbers in recent years has made it nearly impossible to compare current quarterbacks to past greats, at least statistically. Aikman, whose career numbers would look pedestrian next to those of Matthew Stafford or Jay Cutler, relies on more of an eyeball test to evaluate the greatness of a signal-caller. 

When asked, in his estimation, who is the greatest quarterback of all time, the three-time Super Bowl winner says it has always been an easy answer for him. (Hear Aikman's pick at the 4:45 mark in the video above.)

"Joe Montana," said Aikman. "And I don't care if we're comparing him against anyone from today's game or not, or what his numbers may or may not look like. I saw him do it on the biggest stage, in the biggest moments and bring his team back and do the things that I think are required of the position."


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