Steph Curry on All-Star start: ‘Can’t really put it into words’

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In the hours before the announcement came Thursday afternoon, Stephen Curry's acknowledgment of being more anxious than nervous was just one more indication of how vividly he sees the big picture.

And when the fifth-year Warriors point guard received official word, via TNT telecast, that fans around the world had voted him to start the NBA All-Star game next month in New Orleans, Curry was typically humble and grateful.

"When I saw my name it was . . . a real emotional kind of experience," he said during a conference call from his Oakland home. "I'm glad my wife (Ayesha) and daughter (Riley) were here to watch it with me."

That Curry went from being snubbed last season to receiving more votes (1,047,281) than any other Western Conference guard indicates this is more than one man's climb up his professional ladder. As much as this achievement means for Curry, and it is a career highlight, it's even more consequential for the Warriors.

It means the Warriors, primarily through one baby-faced player, have at last achieved a positive and meaningful global presence.

And here in the digital age, that's big enough to touch anybody who works for or roots for the Warriors. It's big enough to reach anyone who cares about basketball.

"To have a starter (in the All-Star game) makes a statement on how far the organization has come," coach Mark Jackson said. "We should be extremely proud."

-- Monte Poole,

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