SportsDash: WIthout a volunteer, team could be forced into ‘Hard Knocks’

Matt Grassie
NBC on Yahoo Sports

Before the Bengals stepped up to be featured in this season's installment of HBO's "Hard Knocks," it appeared as if no team would be willing to do it. After all, the squad featured in the program does subject itself to the constant presence of a film crew, a situation some see as a distraction. With this thought process in mind, the owners passed a rule at the NFL's fall meeting, stating that the league will select a team to be documented on the show if no one volunteers.

SportsDash's Shaun King (@realshaunking), Carolyn Manno (@carolynmanno) and Dave Briggs (@davebriggs) take a look at the new 'Hard Knocks' rule and Frank Schwab (@YahooSchwab) and Eric Edholm (@Eric_Edholm) of Yahoo! Sports join in on the conversation.

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