SportsDash: Trevathan joins the likes of Lett with premature celebration

Matt Grassie
NBC on Yahoo! Sports

Leon Lett was a couple feet from the end zone and he thought a celebration was in order. After all, millions of people were watching this Super Bowl around the world and his imminent touchdown would give the Cowboys a 58-17 lead. So slowed his stride and held the ball out with his right hand as he approached the goal line. Unfortunately for Lett, Bills receiver Don Beebe was right on his tail, knocked the ball out of the defensive lineman's possession and through the back of the endzone for a touchback. The play had no effect on the outcome of the game, but Lett was forever immortalized as the guy who fumbled while showboating in the Super Bowl.

Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan suffered a similar fate on Thursday night's NFL opener. Denver had an enormous lead over the Ravens at the time of Trevathan's interception -- and his blunder, like Lett's, didn't jeopardize victory -- but his premature celebration has made up a significant part of social media's postgame chatter. Trevathan, without an opponent in sight, casually dropped the football to celebrate his first career touchdown. He had not, however, reached the end zone.

SportsDash's Dave Briggs discusses the boneheaded play's explosion on Twitter, as well as its implications for Lett's return to the public discourse.

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