SportsDash: MSU fans get creative, ‘steal’ bowl tickets from Stanford

Matt Grassie
NBC on Yahoo Sports

It's difficult enough to get yourself to a bowl game without the obstacle of other fans competing for the same tickets. Prices skyrocket in the open market and for anyone in a recently post-graduate circumstance, a ticket with a price in the quadruple-digits might not be a fiscal possibility. With these obstacles in mind, a few enterprising Michigan State fans got creative.

The Stanford athletic department was offering a chance to buy Rose Bowl tickets in exchange for $100 down payment on 2014 season-ticket plans. When Spartans fans caught wind of the initiative, they jumped at the chance for face-value tickets, saving up to $1,000 dollars by giving Stanford a down payment for season tickets they'll never use.

SportsDash's Dave Briggs (@davebriggstv) and NBCSN football analyst Jon Ritchie (@portajonritchie) discuss the clever tactic, and Ritchie, a Stanford alum, admits that he can't even find a ticket to the Rose Bowl for himself.

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