SportsDash: Gap between NFL players and world-class sprinters shrinking

Matt Grassie
NBC on Yahoo! Sports

After his unprecedented performance at the London Olympics in 2012, there were rumors that Usain Bolt might have a future in the NFL. His speed was so overwhelming that there had to be some value for him on the football field. After all, he's "The Fastest Man in the World." Unfortunately, football and Bolt fans alike were never afforded the opportunity to see the cross-sport experiment in action, but according to former Olympic sprinter and current NFL speed coach Ato Boldon (@AtoBoldon), the speed of certain players in the league is approaching that of the 100-meter world record holder's.

Boldon joined Dave Briggs on SportsDash and said the trend of working with world-class sprinters and speed coaches is becoming more widespread in the league, adding that some players -- like Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson -- possess a level of explosiveness that rivals Olympians.

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