SportsDash: Forget Apple, buy stock in Arian Foster

Matt Grassie
NBC on Yahoo Sports

It's not a great feeling when you leave a fantasy draft without actually believing in half the players you just selected. Well, what if there were a pastime that allowed you to invest in the athletes you actually thought were going to succeed without the constraints of a draft? That is the exact opportunity Fantex Holdings is granting fans with their new initiative. Sports fans can literally buy stock in their favorite players, and watch the market fluctuate based off that players' success - both athletically and commercially. Texans running back Arian Foster will be the first player on the market, with $10.5 million of stock in Foster's brand available for purchase.

SportsDash's Dave Briggs (@davebriggstv) takes a look at what could be the birth of an industry to rival fantasy sports.

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