SportsDash: Fantasy owners shouldn’t give up on Eric Decker

Matt Grassie
NBC on Yahoo! Sports

There was a fantasy owner out there somewhere Friday morning, who woke up after not watching last night's opener and saw Peyton Manning's stat line. God help that guy if he started Eric Decker. Can you imagine reading a box score, seeing 462 yards and seven touchdowns from the quarterback, and scrolling down to find out that your wide receiver managed just two catches for 32 yards playing on the same offense? That's the type of fantasy letdown that leads to rash decisions ... like dropping Eric Decker.

Rotoworld's Kay Adams (@heykayadams) and Yahoo! Sports' Andy Behrens (@andybehrens) joined SportsDash to talk fantasy owners out of such hasty roster moves. Both experts expect a strong rebound from Decker, as well as a possible breakout from a Ravens rookie and an underwhelming season from a Vikings wide receiver.

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