SportsDash: Fake injuries throwing a wrench in up-tempo offenses’ gameplans

Matt Grassie
NBC on Yahoo! Sports

A delay of game penalty is an increasingly rare thing to see on an NFL football field these days. The pace of play is trending -- like pretty much everything else in the league -- toward speed. Many teams are even abandoning the huddle altogether in an effort to exhaust defenses and create a more reactionary environment for their playmakers to thrive in.

This high-frequency pace presents a number of problems for the opposition, which can't change personnel or catch their breath between plays like they used to. Unless there is an injury on the field.

During the second quarter of Sunday night's Cowboys-Giants game, New York defenders Dan Connor and Cullen Jenkins went down on back-to-back plays. The Cowboys were in a hurry-up tempo at the time and the injuries led to boos from the Dallas crowd. Whether or not the injuries were faked is difficult to prove (Connor was lost for the game while Jenkins returned on the very next play), but the game was slowed and the Giants were afforded the opportunity to regroup.

SportsDash's Dave Briggs discusses the Cowboys' reaction to the possible faking as well as former linebacker Brian Urlacher's recent claims that the Bears had a designated "fall guy" to stop the clock.

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