Rodney Harrison: ‘I love Belichick, but Welker is not a dirty player’

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We know how Bill Belichick feels about the hit Wes Welker put on Aqib Talib.

We also know how Belichick feels about Welker (hint: he's not a fan).

But it seems that as the days goes by, Belichick becomes more and more alone in his opinion of the hit. Consider one of his former best player, Rodney Harrison, as another person who doesn't share Belichick's opinion of the hit.

Harrison spoke about it on CSNNE's Early Edition.

"I love Bill Belichick and I agree with a lot of things that he says, but I played with Wes Welker and I know Wes Welker is not a dirty player," Harrison said. "I think Bill at that point in time was maybe a little frustrated at getting his top defensive player taken out of the game, but Wes Welker, he's not a dirty player and he didn't intentionally try to take out Talib. I think it was one of those things where both teams run a lot of crossing routes, a lot of pick plays and it was just something that happened. But I couldn't agree with Bill Belichick on that with Wes Welker."

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