RG3 on Pierre Garcon: ‘If he wants to race, I’m willing’

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Robert Griffin III knows that the Washington Redskins need a spark and that he can be the guy to provide it with his legs. All he needs is a chance. Griffin said that the read option plays that he ran so successfully in 2012 have not been removed from this year’s game plans. But they haven’t made it into the play calling thanks to early deficits. The Redskins have been outscored 50-7 in the first halves of their two games, forcing them into passing situations.

“The plays are in, were ready to run 'em, I'm ready to run 'em,” he said. “We just haven't had a chance to do them because we're falling behind too much.”

And if the situation is not right, Griffin said, he can’t just go out there and start running around.

“I think it creates a spark,” he said. “I think it creates a spark for the team but one thing I can't do and the mistake I can't make is just to go out there and try to run.”

Some have said that Griffin has been reluctant to run due to the condition of his reconstructed right knee and the brace he wears to protect it. He has repeatedly denied that his knee is an issue but he says he can’t run just to demonstrate that he can.

“It's not about going out there to prove other people wrong or prove other people right or whatever you want to do,” he said. “You have to do it when the time arises. I haven’t had those opportunities in these first two games. Hopefully I'll get that opportunity in this game and it will be a spark for this team.”

It’s not like he is itching to pull the trigger and take off downfield.

“It's not that I want to run more, I just feel like that's what we need,” he said. “If that's what it takes for us to win games I'm willing to do that. There wasn't anything like, I want to shy away from that coming into the year. But, like I said, if that's going to spark us I'm willing to do it.”

In 2012 Griffin ran 120 times for 815 yards but RG3 rushing attempts did not necessarily lead to team success. In the team’s first 10 games Griffin had 93 rushing attempts (9.3 per game) and the Redskins were 4-6. In Griffin’s last five games (he missed one due to injury) he ran a total of 27 times (5.4 per game) and the team’s record was 5-0.

- Rich Tandler, CSN Washington

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