Redskins’ RG3 open to slide advice from Bryce Harper

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After fumbling on a head-first slide against the Detroit Lions on Sunday - and with other incidents in his past of failing to protect himself while running - Robert Griffin III has been practicing sliding feet first. He worked on it in training camp, but it seems to still be an issue. Some fans have suggested RG3 learn from a player on the Nationals, and on Wednesday the question was actually proposed to the Redskins' quarterback:

Would you be open to having a Nats player teach you how to slide, Robert? "If Bryce [Harper] wants to do that, I'm definitely up for that," he said. "We can do that if you want to buddy." Griffin III smiled as he said it, as even the reporter who posed the question called it 'weird.' But would it be such a bad idea?

RG3 needs help sliding and there may be no better way to learn how to baseball slide than from a baseball player. Truthfully though, Harper is probably not the best player to ask. He himself has had his own issues this year with sliding, as sometimes he prefers to go head-first, just as Robert did on Sunday. Even with protecting a knee injury, it was hard for Harper to control himself at times this year.

Maybe Denard Span or Jayson Werth could help? They are both veterans who are smart on the basepaths. It's probably not actually going to happen, obviously, but have at it D.C. sports fans.

- Chase Hughes, CSN Washington

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