Red Sox's contract offer to Jon Lester 'a joke'

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Jon Lester and the Red Sox 'pushed the pause button' on new contract talks until the end of the season. On Saturday, reports emerged of the Red Sox' offer of a four-year deal in the area of $70 million. 

Count the crew of CSNNE's The Baseball Show as unimpressed.

Lou Merloni described the proposal as "laughable" in comparison to other deals the Sox have handed out over the years.

"Four years ago you extended Josh Beckett [for] four years [and] $68 million," he pointed out. "Four years ago you signed John Lackey to five years [and] $82.5."

Tony Massarotti agreed, saying fans can't compare the Lester negotiations with Jacoby Ellsbury's.

"Joke . . . It is a joke that they offered that amount of money. J-O-K-E: joke." said Massarotti, "The Ellsbury thing doesn't even apply and I'll tell you why . . . [Ellsbury's agent] Scott Boras . . . wasn't going to [negotiate an extension with the Red Sox before Ellsbury's contract expired]. That thing was going to free agency from day one."

But Lester and his agents, said Massarotti, want to negotiate an extension. "These guys want [a deal with the Red Sox]," he said, "His agents are the same guys that represent [Dustin] Pedroia, who has signed with them in the past . . . These guys will do a deal, and the Red Sox come back with that?"

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