PGA President is behind new 'Relaxed Rules of Golf' for casual players

Golf Channel debuted a series Friday on “Morning Drive” designed to help make golf more fun. Charlie Rymer and Matt Ginella are the leading voices of the new Relaxed Rules series that boils golf down to just seven common sense rules.

In preparation, Golf Channel commissioned a research study that showed 85 percent of golfers, both avid and lapsed, are in favor of relaxed rules for recreational play.

“When there’s nothing on the line but fun, recreational golf should be an enjoyable experience,” Rymer said. “Trying to remember and decipher the official rules can get in the way of a good time.”

Said Ginella: “We’re not suggesting that golfers ignore the official rules. They should continue to be used for any type of competitive play. But when it’s a match among friends, relaxed rules can make the game easier, faster and more fun. These simply are common sense practices for avid amateurs, and it’s how the majority of the game is being played anyway.”

Here are the seven rules:

1. MAXIMUM SCORE: Double par (i.e. 6 on par 3s, 8 on par 4s….)

2. PENALTIES: All are one stroke, including out of bounds, water and lateral hazards, lost ball and unplayable lie. Drop a ball near where the original was lost and play on.

3. SEARCH TIME: Two minutes to look for your ball. If lost, proceed under Rule 2.

4. UNFORTUNATE LIES: With your playing partners’ consent, balls may be dropped out of divots or footprints, away from tree roots and any other dangerous lies.

5. CONCEDED PUTTS: Putts may be conceded with your playing partners’ consent.

6. EQUIPMENT: No restrictions, including number of clubs.

7. COMMON SENSE: When in doubt, use common sense and fairness.

The relaxed rules are being supported by Golf Channel on air, online and through social media, featuring the #GolfIsFun hashtag and’s “Golf is Fun” page.