PFT: Who are the top 10 players in the NFL?

Matt Grassie
NBC on Yahoo! Sports

At any given moment, there are around 1,700 rostered players in the NFL. Mike Florio, the Pro Football Talk crew and 38 other members of the media did their best to narrow that giant number down to the top 100 players in the league. Easier said than done.

Above is a recap of the 10 best players on the list, so who made the cut? Or more importantly, who's number one? Tom Brady is coming off his second straight AFC Championship appearance, as well as 4,800 yards and 34 TDs. Adrian Peterson rebounded from a torn ACL and MCL to run for 2,097 yards and win league MVP. And Aaron Rodgers posted a league-best 108.0 quarterback rating en route to a second consecutive NFC North title.

Who would be your number one?

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