PFT: Hernandez charged with murder, what does it all mean?

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Unless you spent today under a rock, you know that former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was charged with first-degree murder. What you might not know is that the prosecution's report at today's arraignment painted a pretty clear picture of how the crime played out. There were texts from Hernandez which seemingly establish motive. He was seen with the victim just hours before the murder, and there is surveillance video of Hernandez walking through his house with a gun afterwards.

It all adds up to a pretty grim outcome for Hernandez, a perception supported by the judge who denied him bail.

Mike Florio agrees that Hernandez has a seemingly insurmountable collection of evidence piling up against him, and while the former Florida Gator might end up being found guilty of murder, he's already guilty of something else: Stupidity.

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