One thing to know: Could be the end of the line for Tim Tebow

Matt Grassie
NBC on Yahoo! Sports

We're only a couple weeks away from final roster cuts in the NFL and that means teams will need to get down to 53 players between now and then. One high-profile situation to keep an eye on (as if everyone in the country isn't already) is the number of quarterbacks Bill Belichick chooses to keep in New England. Third-stringer and national celebrity Tim Tebow has struggled through the preseason, and the Patriots are not a team that has always rostered three quarterbacks in the past.

Mike Florio believes that the only way Tebow sticks around in New England is if the team thinks he has some value in a non-quarterbacking capacity. And seeing as Tebow has only worked out under center, Florio predicts free agency might be in the former Heisman winner's very near future.

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