No matter the outcome, Brady’s and Manning’s legacy won’t change

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Legacy schmegacy.

That's bascially what Tom E. Curran says on Quick Slants about all this talk leading up to the AFC Championship Game as to where a win or a loss puts the two quarterbacks in terms of history.

"You can frame it however you want," Curran argues. Tom Brady had the good fortune to team up with a great defense and a Hall of Fame coach and then win three Super Bowls. Oh, and those ones he lost? He's a few dropped passes and miracle catches away from changing that "legacy."

As for Peyton Manning? In frame one, there's the five-time MVP and comeback player of the year. In frame two, there's the guy who basically rode sidecar to his one Super Bowl victory and threw a killer pick in the other one he played in.

"It's a story a person wants to tell," Curran said of the legacy discussion. "Ain't nothing that happens on Sunday that's gonna change anybody's legacy."

Meanwhile, Mary Paoletti has had enough of the Wes Welker-Danny Amendola storyline surrounding this game. If you see the game as a referendum on those two receivers then "you haven't been paying attention," Paoletti said. And, you just might be hurting Julian Edelman's feelings.

- CSN New England Staff

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