Mark Jackson might have resigned if the Warriors didn't fire him

The Warriors' former coach says that he had his own issues with the organization

The rumor mill has been pretty active when it comes to Mark Jackson's firing in Golden State, but the coach joined The Dan Patrick Show to set the record straight. While Jackson had mostly gracious things to say about the Warriors organization, he did admit that it was a "taxing, draining season," despite the team's on-court success. The third-year coach went so far as to allude to a possible resignation if Golden State chose not to fire him.

"I'll tell you the truth," said Jackson. "If we advance, do I still have a job? I'm not really sure because at the end of the day, we both walked into the meeting and we both were frustrated. That's the crazy thing. I felt the same way and I had issues. I'm not sure what the best thing was for me, going into that office. My mind was made up."