Mad Dash: Wisconsin prep receiver makes amazing catch

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A Wisconsin prep receiver makes an amazing catch.

Wisconsin prep catch

A Wisconsin prep receiver makes an amazing catch.

Sometimes it's easier to declare someone made the catch of their life, rather than the catch of the year, but in this case, Sam Wisneski of Ashwaubenon High School in Wisconsin may have done both. With a defender draped all over him, Wisneski has the presence of mind and body control to trap the ball on his opponent's back before spinning away and scampering for the score, leaving his foe stunned yards behind. It was part of a losing effort, but it was no less spectacular because of it.

Another losing effort that is far less spectacular is the Dallas Cowboys' attempt to drum up a social media campaign around their trip to the United Kingdom for Sunday's game against the Jaguars. The Cowboys thought the perfect hashtag for the trip would be #cowboysuk, but as anyone can see by looking at it in one glance, that looks more like a shorthand derogatory dig at the team than a pleasant way to promote a trip abroad.

Finally, in another instance of something (or in this case, someone) looking different at first glance is Brent Burns' reputation as the hairiest man in the NHL, thanks to an often unkempt combination of hair and beard. But for the second season in a row, at his wife's urging, he shaved it all off for charity, and revealed an actual person exists underneath all the tangles. 

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