Mad Dash: Vince Lombardi sweater sells for $43,020

Goodwill sold it for just 58 cents. The Pro Football Hall of Fame wanted it to become a part of its permanent collection. But for a princely sum of $43,020, a sweater once belonging to Vince Lombardi while he was coaching at West Point is now in the hands of a private collector. Heritage Auctions sold the sweater, which had an original estimated value of around $20,000, over the weekend after Sean McEvoy, the man who bought it for 58 cents at a Goodwill in Asheville, North Carolina, drove it to Dallas instead of shipping it over Christmas (you can never be too safe with an item this rare). Protecting the investment paid off, as its value soared to thousands of times what he originally spent. So the next time you're rummaging through a Goodwill store, make sure you check the names on the tags of everything you buy.

When the Capitals narrowly lost 3-2 to the Flyers on Sunday, you could easily point to a number of reasons on the ice for coming up short. But how about Washington's team hotel the night before? It turns out the fire alarms went off at 1:30 a.m., and luckily, Alex Ovechkin and Marcus Johansson filmed the immensely annoying experience while waiting for the alarms to shut off. As one might expect, they seemed less than thrilled with the abrupt awakening. Don't worry, gents, we blame the alarms for the shortfall against Philly.

It's been a scary week for Chris Bosh, but it's sounding more and more like despite having to miss the rest of this season because of blood clots in one of his lungs, he'll make a full recovery longterm. Unsurprisingly, Bosh has received an outpouring of support from fans, and hopped on Instagram with his son to thank everyone for the well wishes, and to let them all know he'll be back. Get well soon, Bosh.

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