Mad Dash: Seven-year-old YouTube boxing star is terrifying

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Evnika Saadvakass became a YouTube sensation two years ago when her father posted one of her sparring routines, displaying her incredible skills at just five years old. The video is at nearly 3 million views and counting, so it was only natural that dad had an update video. Not to ruin the story for you, but Evnika is a lot better and a lot scarier. For those wondering why dad is so intent to share his daughter's prodigious skills, he said in the video description that he gets the question a lot and always has the same answer.

“My friends keep telling me: ‘It would be cool if we could train like this when we were kids!’ Just imagine, how great our life could be if we had skills like Evnika? It’s every child’s right to start training when you’re under five and then use the gained skills for the rest of life. Actually, this is not a video about sports, but about our parental abilities and things we can give our children today.”

That's a pretty inspiring way to look at it, and regardless, we're all for any scenario that makes this kind of commitment and talent get the attention it deserves. If we're ever walking through a dark alley at night, we want Evnika by our side. 

Another video gaining popularity right now is Cleveland Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert's rap song celebrating his team's trip to the playoffs. "The Offs" is an anthem giving a shout out to each of his teammates and their push toward a title, and it's creeping toward 100,000 views at the time this post is going live. We'll let you be the judge of whether the song is any good, but it's a nice bit of team spirit, at worst. 

We've all felt the excitement at a sporting event when the t-shirt or hot dog cannon is pointed our direction, so we can hardly blame anyone for coming up with new, amazing things to shoot out of those cannons. Voodoo Taco of Omaha is bringing their namesake item to University of Nebraska Omaha ice hocky games during the 2015 season, and whlie we're extremely supportive of any idea that gets us free tacos, we're a little concerned about a taco's ability to hold up under cannon fire. Guess we'll just have to go to a game and do some important investigative reporting. 

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