Mad Dash: Rugby’s biggest star leaving sport for NFL

Mad Dash: Rugby’s biggest star leaving sport for NFL

What if at the conclusion of this season, Russell Wilson announced he was quitting football to pursue a rugby career in Australia? Can you imagine the reaction of fans and media alike? Jarryd Hayne can. The rugby star, voted the National Rugby League's player of the season just two weeks ago, is quitting the sport at age 26 to chase his NFL dream. We haven't heard much about it in the states yet, but it's a big deal down under, where some are wondering if he'll carve a path for future rugby players to follow to the NFL. He's reportedly spoke with Seahawks officials, which would add one more fascinating personality to the Super Bowl champions. We can't wait to see how this plays out.

One champion that is definitely pulling off a unique move is San Antonio, with the Spurs announcing that fans at the home opener will receive a replica of the team's championship rings. They naturally won't be the real deal, but will definitely look the part, which is more than most fans ever get when it comes to title hardware.

Utah Jazz star Gordon Hayward doesn't have an NBA title yet, but in his free time he's working on another title: Best NBA player in the League – of Legends. Hayward is obsessed with video games, but especially that title in particular, and boldy stated (with tongue planted firmly in cheek) on his website that no one in the league could beat him. His experience with PC games goes back years, and he even said in a recent video piece that he'll take his laptop on road trips and play in hotel rooms if the internet connection is strong enough.

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