Mad Dash: LeBron James (sort of) explains all the cryptic tweeting

Maybe you've noticed all those cryptic tweets LeBron James has been sending out during the last few weeks while the Cavaliers have been struggling and he was spotted hanging with old teammate Dwyane Wade. Well, a few reporters have noticed, too, and decided to finally ask James about it on Monday. His response was basically even more cryptic:

I've got a beautiful mind and, sometimes, I like to use it in a social manner.

He also said "they're for the educated mind." That's cool but what's that weird Batman bitmoji for, then? We've only got more questions now.

Ernie Els held his annual Autism event at Old Palm Golf Club in Florida on Monday, which ended with a 19th hole challenge, where if anyone hit a hole-in-one, it would trigger a $1 million donation. So Rickie Fowler stepped up and did this. You could say Els was pretty happy. Fowler may never hit a more important shot in his life.


Utah Jazz forward Trevor Booker really loves cereal? How much? The team put him to a blind taste test, and this is what happened. We weren't sold until he nailed the test at the end. Someone get this guy a General Mills endorsement.

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