Mad Dash: Korean baseball player gives tremendous lesson on how not to slide

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A Korean baseball player flops into home plate.


A Korean baseball player flops into home plate.

After weeks of enjoying the fantastic display of skills that was the Little League World Series (congrats to the South Korean sluggers), we now turn your attention to the Korean professional ranks, where the grace of the game was on full display. Enter Choi Joo-hwan, second baseman for the Doosan Bears, rounding third and anticipating a slide into home when his feet stop working properly and send him to his doom. OK, maybe it wasn't that bad (he did score despite the flop), but it's certainly not the kind of moment you stick in your career highlight reel. And as the video shows, his teammates were more than happy to revel in the moment at his expense.

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Moving to the range, Cheyenne Woods took to Instagram to show off the skills her uncle, Tiger, made famous in a Nike commercial many years ago. Cheyenne hasn't had the lightning-quick success of her uncle yet as a professional, but it's clear she's got a fair amount of game.

Finally, Andre Ware is Houston's most famous football star, and he's getting a unique honor to boot. The Cougars have marked the 11-yard-line in the southeast corner of their stadium as a tribute to the quarterback that won the Heisman 25 years ago.

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