Mad Dash: Jose Canseco shoots himself in hand while cleaning gun

Mad Dash: Jose Canseco shoots himself in hand while cleaning gun

Jose Canseco is the kind of personality that tends to find himself in strange situations, from being the target of MLB's ire to his penchant for using PEDs to his relationships with former teammates to tweeting about being pulled over by the police with goats inside his vehicle. So when the news broke that Canseco shot himself in the hand while cleaning his gun (and likely lost most of one of his fingers), the initial reaction quickly went from "well at least it wasn't worse" to "wow, this isn't remotely as surprising as it should be." Which is both a shame and amazing. While this latest incident was scary and crazy, it's also just another wild chapter for the eventual Canseco (hopefully auto-) biography.

Michael Jordan took over the Charlotte Hornets twitter account on Tuesday, and it was pretty entertaining for a number of reasons. The best moment, though, may have been when he and pro golfer Keegan Bradley went back-and-forth, with His Airness holding his throne with a pretty great burn.

It's difficult to get tired of watching halfcourt shots attached to big prizes, so here's the latest, in which a Bryan College soccer player attending his school's version of basketball midnight madness sank a layup, a free throw, a three-pointer and a halfcourt shot to win $10,000 in tuition from the school. The gym went bonkers and it was fantastic.

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