Mad Dash: Door open for 'Space Jam' sequel after LeBron's deal with Warner Bros.

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It's been nearly 20 years since Space Jam and still no sequel to Michael Jordan leading his ragtag squad to an unlikely win over the Monstars, but that may all be about to change. A few signs seem to be pointing to the possibility that the franchise will be back and with LeBron James leading the way. Just a month after Warner Bros. extended the rights to the Space Jam title, the company signed James to a deal for upcoming projects. Coincidence? Fans of the movie are hoping not, and after seeing James's performance in Trainwreck this summer, we're convinced he'd be great as the lead role in a sequel to Michael Jordan's biggest silver screen success. 

As Nuke Laloosh once declared, announcing your presence with authority is a big deal in baseball. So when it comes to walk-up songs, who do most players turn to when making their entranceRolling Stone set out to find the answer, and it was a little surprising, at least to us. Drake is the artist who produces the most songs chosen by MLB players, 17 to be exact, with AC/DC coming in a close second with 14 players. Jason Aldean, Jay Z and Big Sean round out the top five. 

We've told you about Brandon Armstrong and his fantastic NBA player impersonations. He's at it again with his best version of James Harden, and it's outstanding. It's getting to the point where we feel like Armstrong may need a permanent spot in the Mad Dash rotation. 

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