Mad Dash: Dolphins linebacker using #CrushBrady Twitter avatar

Yahoo Sports Staff

File this one under decisions that are sure to backfire: Ahead of his team's game against New England, Miami Dolphins linebacker Chris McCain changed his Twitter avatar. Hey, no big deal, people change their Twitter avatars all the time, right? Where McCain may have slipped up is by changing it to a picture of him squeezing Tom Brady's head with the hashtag "Crush Brady." Naturally, McCain started taking heat for the change, and he responded with a mini-rant, which presented no point that made anyone think his new picture was a good idea. Beat the Patriots on Thursday and it's a good idea, until then, it's not the wisest move to give New England even more motivation.

Jeremy Roenick has always been know as a guy with an edge. That's how he played in the NHL, and that's what makes him so entertaining as a hockey commentator. However, he decided to display his edge this week by attempting to jump on top of an alligator at the golf course. No, seriously. We're just glad we were on this side of the screen.

Iowa State head football coach Paul Rhoades decided to fire offensive coordinator Mark Mangino on Monday, and when asked at the corresponding press conference if he'd told his players yet, he said he was going to wait to tell them when he could look them in the eye. One problem, coach, most of those guys have Twitter, and they knew within seconds of you making the announcement. Their reaction? Well, it was hardly surprising

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