Kentucky Derby’s past 20 winners race again

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The company Horse Racing Simulation has put together a simulation race using 20 notable past Kentucky Derby winners to see which horse would prevail in a head-to-head race.

The simulation is done using an artificial intelligence program that takes into consideration over 150 unique individual horse attributes along with actual race conditions that the horses competed in. The attributes include things such as running style, track preference and even courage in traffic.

This program has simulated this race between the 20 horses 1,000 times, and this video represents the most typical outcome in those 1,000 races.

Some of your favorite past Kentucky Derby winners take center stage in this simulation to see which horse is the best of the best. War Emblem gets off to the best start of the pack, and Silver Charm makes a strong case for first place, but it's Barbaro's electric finish that propels him to the title.

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