Jon Lester still using GPS to find his home ballpark

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It's nerve-wracking to start a job with a new company. Everything is different. There are so many questions. Where are the bathrooms? Who do I eat lunch with? How do I get to the office?

Apparently, these issues aren't limited to us nine-to-five pencil pushers. Even professional athletes experience transitional difficulties when switching teams.

Take Jon Lester, for instance. In an interview on The Dan Patrick Show, the A's most recent addition says he still needs help finding the ballpark.

"Every day, I do the GPS on my phone, so I don't get lost" said Lester, who has been with Oakland for two weeks.

Even spouses are susceptible to travel issues in new cities. Just last month, Amanda McCarthy, wife of Yankees pitcher Brandon McCarthy, got stuck in traffic on the way to watch her husband's debut in pinstripes.

For what it's worth, Lester probably doesn't need to get too familiar with Oakland. The lefthander is putting together one of the most outstanding free-agent campaigns in over a decade and will undoubtedly command a huge contract in the offseason. The small-market A's won't likely be in a position to retain Lester, who is 3-0 with a 2.49 ERA since moving from Boston to the West Coast at the trade deadline.

Though Lester maintains he won't simply leave Oakland for the highest bidder, the three-time All-Star gave Patrick a telling answer when asked about his housing status in the Bay Area.

"We're renting," Lester said.

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