Johnny Manziel is living with Von Miller, unless he isn’t

Free-agent quarterback Johnny Manziel doesn’t have a team. But he claims he has a roommate.

I’m living out here with my guyVon Miller,” Manziel told TMZ on Saturday night, via “Everybody knows Von Miller. Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, my brother. I’m living with him right now. We’re getting our lives together, bro.”

Here’s the problem, bro. Miller’s life already is together, bro. Yours isn’t, bro.

In contrast, Miller has overcome his own personal issues. In 2013, Miller was suspended by the NFL after reportedly attempting to circumvent the NFL’s substance abuse policy by working with the sample collector to best the testing process.

There’s another problem with Manziel’s story, bro. It’s apparently not true.

Mike Klis of reports that Manziel and Miller are currently not living together. Per Klis, Miller is living in housing provided by ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. And ABC’s Dancing with the Stars is not providing housing to Manziel.

This doesn’t change the fact that Miller has openly lobbied, on multiple occasions, for the Broncos to add Manziel. But if anyone thinks Miller would be able to take Manziel under Miller’s wing and get Manziel to truly get his life together, bro, think again.

As one source with knowledge of Manziel’s decisions and lifestyle during his first two NFL seasons recently told PFT, “Nobody can mentor him. If he’s not going to listen to LeBron James, he’s not going to listen to Von Miller. . . . Either [Manziel] is going to make his own decision to be a professional/get his sh-t together or he’s not. His choice.”

For now, Manziel apparently has chosen to misrepresent his living arrangements, in an apparent effort to create the impression that he’s making the kinds of decisions he needs to make in order to get back into the NFL.