Jay Paterno on end to PSU's bowl ban: 'My dad would be smiling'

NBC Sports

Jay Paterno, former Penn State football assistant and son of the late Joe Paterno, joined CSNPhilly's Sports Talk program to discuss the lifting of the bowl ban at Penn State. The NCAA chose Monday to end the sanction, which was initially supposed to last until 2016, and in addition to bowl eligibility, the Nittany Lions' football program regains a number of scholarships.

"It's just another step in a continual march to the NCAA finally being forced to acknowledge that these sanctions were never warranted in the first place and was an overstep of their authority," Paterno said. "I think it's a great day for Penn State and I know one guy that if he was here would be smiling, too."

Paterno, of course, was referencing his father, who had 111 of his then NCAA-record 399 wins vacated as part of the NCAA's punishments in 2012. On the matter of whether those record books will be restored to reflect the 14 vacated seasons, it was clear Paterno thinks that should be the next step.

"I think there are tens of thousands of Penn State alumni that want the truth to come out," Paterno said. "Certainly, those aren't just Joe's wins. Those are Penn State's wins, and they belong to the student athletes that played in those games. I think [restoring the record books] would be more for those people than it would be for my dad."