The Hype: Ryan Lochte thinks mullets are hot

Matt Grassie
NBC on Yahoo! Sports

Since his debut in the Olympics in 2004, Ryan Lochte has provided us with no shortage of memorable moments... both in the pool and out. And, today, he was at it again. Lochte joined Michelle Beadle on The Hype for "Impossibly Random Questions" and Lochte, as usual, had some pretty interesting answers.

If given the opportunity to time travel, one might think Lochte would go back and reconsider sporting grills at various medal ceremonies in the past, including the 2012 London Olympics. But, alas, it seems the 11-time Olympic medalist has no shame. If given the choice, Lochte said he would travel forward in time. The swimmer also may have revealed a bit of a man-crush when asked if he could have another celebrity’s hairdo. Lochte chose Matthew McConaughey. The Hollywood star is not necessarily a bad choice, but he it is definitely a little telling.

When forced to choose between either a permanent mustache or mullet Lochte replied, “Mullets are kind of hot.” And while no one can question the prowess of a well-groomed mullet, Lochte is no Joe Dirt. He might be better off with a mustache.

Beadle also ventures to find out what song Lochte wants to have stuck in his head forever and what three things he would bring to a deserted island.

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