GC: Westwood apologizes for post-PGA Twitter rant

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Laurence Masters
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Earlier this year in an episode of "Feherty," Lee Westwood discussed why he originally stepped away from Twitter and social media, explaining that he was "put off by the amount of negativity." Shortly after failing to capture his first major title, however, Westwood sent out a tirade of tweets for which he apologized hours later.

Westwood, who has now played in 63 majors without a victory, began the final round in contention but carded a 6-over 76 Sunday at Oak Hill to fall into a tie for 33rd. Early Monday morning, the Englishman took to Twitter to voice some of his frustration and challenge the faction of his followers that choose to be critical of his performance.

@WestwoodLee (2:44 AM - 12 Aug 2013): You minions need to live from the inside out rather than the outside in!!!!

@WestwoodLee (3:15 AM - 12 Aug 2013): Oh yeah you've gone quite now!!!! Saddo's . what's wrong? Don't like it back you failures?

@WestwoodLee (3:20 AM - 12 Aug 2013): Oh yeah you're all quite now arnt you ! Come on ! Bring it on big boys! Yeah I thought not!

@Wbheigh: @Westwood (3:31 AM - 12 Aug 2013): Lee you tell them Lee!”I don't care about em . Just like to Shame them and pity them nobody's!

@WestwoodLee (3:49 AM - 12 Aug 2013): Come on trolls! Surely I've not worn you out! Cluck cluck cluck!

@WestwoodLee (4:04 AM - 12 Aug 2013): I love slagging people back! Had enough of sitting there taking it. Bring it on!

@JBeckett23: @WestwoodLee (4:48 AM - 12 Aug 2013): Has someone hacked your account Lee.. drink doesn't solve anything!”oh it does! Plenty!

@WestwoodLee (5:27 AM - 12 Aug 2013): There's a massive troll demise! What's happened ? Can't they take the backlash? All gone quiet over there!!!

@WestwoodLee (5:30 AM - 12 Aug 2013): Yes only got to the best in the WORLD! Is that your boy band in that pic!? Ooo er missus!

At the conclusion of his early-morning tweets, Westwood sent one final message to confirm that his comments were, in fact, genuine:

@WestwoodLee (5:42 AM - 12 Aug 2013): Not been hacked. Just honest. Bored now. Westy out.

Then, he woke up and tried to start cleaning up the mess he made:

@WestwoodLee (11:32 AM - 12 Aug 2013): Sincere apologies to my sponsors and true followers for my earlier comments . It was out of order and out of character ,Westy .

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