Ed Reed could be a perfect fit for the Patriots at safety

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With Ed Reed suddenly untethered, there is plenty of speculation on where he’ll land after the waiver process is complete.

Two former Patriots theorized that New England was the best fit for Reed.

“I know a coach down in New England that loves Ed Reed,” Willie McGinest said Tuesday on NFL Network. “When I was in those meetings, we talked about him a lot. He’s a heck of a player, he does a lot of things on and off the field because he’s a leader and he understands the game of football. He needs to go somewhere he doesn’t have to play 70 plays a game; where he can go in there and allow him some time to get healthier and maybe towards the playoffs if he’s feeling real good, stick him in there.”

A number of things have to happen for that to become a reality. First, the Patriots would have to either claim Reed on waivers and hope that none of the 28 teams ahead of them in the waiver process put in a claim as well. Or, if the Patriots choose not to put in a claim on Reed (likely given the fact they’d assume the $412,000 plus $62,000 per game cost of having him), they’d have to strike a deal with Reed that satisfies the 35-year-old safety.

With safety Steve Gregory sidelined by a bad thumb, the Patriots could use some help at the position. New England’s safeties are often used as interchangeable pieces so the notion of “free” or “strong” safety isn’t as important for the Patriots and wouldn’t rule out Reed teaming with Devin McCourty at the back of the secondary. For the right price, Reed makes some sense.

But Reed would have minimal special teams value for the Patriots and that could count against him. So too could his age and physical condition. If Reed was still capable of playing like he used to, would the Texans have pulled the plug on the Reed Era? Doubtful.

Still, the addition – on the surface – is logical.

“Really the only spot that makes sense is New England,” said former Patriot Heath Evans on NFL Network. ‘You could stockpile him away on the bench, let him heal up. Communication is key for everything that Bill [Belichick] wants to do on defense – that guy has the mouthpiece to make this defense better when it counts. Let him learn what Bill wants to do [and] come Week 16, Week 17, those January games, I guarantee [Reed] will pay dividends.”

-- Tom E. Curran, CSNNE.com

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