Eagles players can’t even remember the last time they won a home game

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It’s been so long since the last time the Eagles lost eight straight home games, not only does their stadium no longer exist, most of the teams they lost to don’t exist either.

The Boston Redskins, Pittsburgh Pirates, Brooklyn Dodgers and Cleveland Rams are among the teams that beat the Eagles in 1936 at Municipal Stadium in South Philly, which eventually became JFK Stadium and is now the site of the Wells Fargo Center.

The Eagles’ last eight-game losing streak started 77 years ago with a 26-3 loss to the Redskins, then based in Boston, and ended a year later, in September 1937, with a riveting 6-6 tie against the Chicago Cardinals. The Eagles didn’t actually win a home game until 1938, when they beat the Giants, 14-10.

The Giants are also the last team the Eagles beat at the Linc, and that was 383 days ago.

--Reuben Frank, CSNPhilly.com

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