After Eagles’ compelling start, Andy Reid returns

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Three games in 11 days. Just like the Eagles’ offense, the quick start to the season barely gives Eagles fans a chance to catch their breath from the season opener to Andy Reid’s return to Philly.

So far, the Eagles have pretty much been the team we expected: Great offense, poor defense and pretty entertaining football. Chip Kelly has generated lots of talk around the NFL but it remains to be seen how many wins this team will actually achieve.

Sunday’s three-point loss to the Chargers was quite telling. Michael Vick throws for a career-high 428 yards, accounts for three touchdowns and no interceptions, but the Eagles lose. Only one other NFL team in Week 2 this season scored 30 points or more points and lost. Four teams scored 30 or more points and won. Unfortunately, there are no signs that the Eagles’ defense will be able to keep opponents out of the end zone.

There was an interesting comment from NBC NFL analyst Tony Dungy on Sunday night about what Kelly might do defensively. Dungy’s son, Eric, played for Kelly at the University of Oregon, and over a three-year period, the elder Dungy saw Kelly strictly focus on the team’s offense during practice. Dungy believes that needs to change in Philadelphia.

Kelly says both the players and coaches need to learn from their mistakes. They really have no choice but to get better defensively. Kelly is not used to losing.

“This doesn't feel good, does it?" Kelly said at his postgame press conference.

In four years as head coach at Oregon, Kelly lost only seven times. Fortunately, the NFC East has gotten off to a poor start, including the Redskins and Giants both beginning 0-2. The last time the Giants lost their first two games was in 2007 -- ironically, they won the Super Bowl that season.

The Eagles were very close to starting 2-0. Since the NFL playoffs expanded to 12 teams in 1990, 63 percent of teams (119 of 188) to start the season 2-0 have advanced to postseason. The Eagles’ schedule gets harder -- not easier -- after Thursday's game with road trips to play the Broncos and Giants.

In a season that started with low expectations, that all changed dramatically after Week 1, and now again after Week 2.

- Neil Hartman, CSN Philly

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