DPS: Spurrier calls out Saban as driving force behind 10-second rule

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South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the NCAA's controversial 10-second rule proposal, which the Rules Committee tabled for reconsideration on Wednesday. Intended to slow down some of the more high-frequency offenses in college football and allow defenses an opportunity to substitute players, the initiative would have required teams to run at least 10 seconds off the play clock before snapping the ball.

Spurrier, who is against the rule, mentioned fellow SEC coaches Nick Saban of Alabama and Bret Bielema of Arkansas as the driving forces behind the proposal. When asked whether it should be called "The Saban Rule," the Gamecocks' leading man responded simply: "He's the guy that went out there and got them to put it on the table for discussion, so I don't know what else you'd call it."