Concern for Dan Boyle overshadows Sharks’ dominant win

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The update was vague, but defenseman Dan Boyle is “doing OK,” according to head coach Todd McLellan, after the defenseman was the victim of a dirty hit from behind by St. Louis’ Maxim Lapierre on Tuesday. “He left and he went to the hospital, and from what I understand he’s doing OK. They’re going to keep him tonight just for some observation, but from what I understand, he’s OK,” McLellan said, after a 6-2 Sharks win over St. Louis that was overshadowed by a frightening moment, in which Boyle was motionless for several minutes.

It was revealed earlier through a team spokesman that Boyle was “alert and moving his extremities” on his way to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, after he had to leave the ice on a stretcher.

His teammates were unhappy with the hit from Lapierre, to say the least.

“Things like that happen, especially when idiots are idiots,” Joe Pavelski said. “Dan’s a world-class defenseman, there’s straight numbers (from behind) – there’s guys in this league that will target that. It doesn’t matter. They just go. It sucks.”

Logan Couture said: “A player that probably shouldn’t even be in the league is taking out one of the best players in the world. That guy’s got a history. After the first shift, he’s yelling at us from their bench that he’s coming after us, and then he does that. I don’t even know. It’s pretty gutless. Then he turtles. Be a man if you make a hit like that. Don’t turtle and run behind the linesman.”

Before the postgame rage, though, there was heart-in-your-throat nervousness as Boyle was prone on the ice. Couture called it one of the scariest things he’s ever seen, and he was one of the first players to skate over to his teammate after the hit.

“He was shaking, his eyes were up at the roof. We tried talking to him and he wasn’t responding. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Couture said.

Joe Thornton said: “I’ve never seen a guy be like that before. It takes your breath away.”

- Kevin Kurz, CSN Bay Area

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