Celtics’ Brad Stevens: ‘It was a good old fashion butt kicking’

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If you saw any of the Celtics game tonight, you probably want those precious minutes back.

Yes, it was that ugly.

They made the Knicks look like the Pacers - which if you've watched the Knicks at all season know how hard that is to do.

Brad Stevens agrees that the C's got smoked.

"It was a good old fashion butt kicking," Stevens said. "That's what it was. I don't think I have to describe it all that much. I think we were all sitting there and watching it."

The C's have looked like a redoubling team as of late.

"That's now two out of three games where we haven't [played together], and that's very disappointing," Stevens said.

"We have to get together. We don't have a lot of time together with some of these guys that are playing for us right now, but those guys are really having some pretty good moments, the new ones," Stevens said. "So we have to get everybody back playing on one page as well as we can. And I think we have to really analyze and look t what we're doing collectively because we're going through a drought right now scoring., But at the same time, the way we defended we wouldn't have beaten them if we scored tonight."

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