Bulls continue to develop, which is a good thing

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Putting 106 points on the board, even in a preseason affair against a short-handed foe, must feel like manna from heaven to Bulls fansBulls head coach Tom Thibodeau could nitpick about the team’s 18 turnovers (as always, 13 or fewer is his preference) and the slow start to the game (Memphis started out on a 11-2 run), but let’s be realistic.

Derrick Rose’s presence has opened up a world of new possibilities for this squad. We know Thibodeau won’t allow the team’s defense to slip and although the more balanced, faster-paced new offense is experiencing an adjustment period with Rose’s return, the Bulls’ depth and multitude of options gives them a chance to do some special things.

“Oh yeah, for sure,” Rose agreed, when asked if he thought the Bulls could be a more potent offensive bunch. “With the weapons that we have and the personnel of this team. We have guys that have been in the gym almost the whole summer, if not the entire summer, and dedicated their summers to improving this team.”

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