Bulls’ Butler saves ball out of bounds, takes creative route back onto court

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Jimmy Butler was a two-way force in the Bulls' 109-90 win over the Knicks on Sunday, holding Carmelo Anthony to just 21 points on the defensive end of the floor while posting 19 of his own on offense. What fans at the game will remember about the Bulls' forward, however, was a hustle play that resulted in something that's not typically seen on a basketball court (or perhaps it would be more accurate to say off of it.)

Butler saved a loose ball that was headed out of bounds and flipped it to a teammate before his momentum carried him into the stands. No big deal, right? See it all the time. But instead of jumping back on the hardwood to jog to the offensive end, the third-year man cruised the length of the floor through a stretch of expensive courtside seats before leaping back onto the playing surface.

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