Breer: Brady-less title would cement Bill Belichick's legacy

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Where does Bill Belichick rank among the best coaches of all time?

No matter where he stands now, Albert Breer of NFL Network believes Belichick has a chance to cement his legacy after Tom Brady leaves the Patriots.

"Eventually, would he like to prove that he can win with a different quarterback? Yes," said Breer. "That doesn't mean he's pushing Tom Brady out the door . . . I think there's a legacy component to all of this. Someday would he like to hoist the Lombardi Trophy with a second quarterback that would put him in a different class of coaches? Absolutely."

Breer takes a look at Belichick's legacy in comparison to other coaching greats.

"If there's one way you separate yourself from Vince Lombardi, and Chuck Noll and Bill Walsh is you win with another quarterback," explained Breer. "Bill Walsh only won with Joe Montana. Chuck Noll only won with Terry Bradshaw. Vince Lombardi only won with Bart Starr."


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