Big Break Celebrity Challenge: Elway and Theismann try to break the glass

Matt Grassie
NBC on Yahoo Sports

Have you ever heard a scout talking about a pitcher or quarterback with a weak arm? "He couldn't break a pane of glass," is one of the classic scouting shorthands for "he doesn't throw very hard."

Well, that phrase was never uttered in reference to John Elway's arm strength, who would have blown a pane of glass to bits during his football playing days. But what if he had to accomplish the feat on the golf course?

In the finale of 'Big Break Celebrity Challenge,' Elway, along with fellow former signal-caller Joe Theismann, Orlando Magic great Penny Hardaway and more take on the famous challenge.

'Big Break Celebrity Challenge' is available exclusively on and Golf Channel Mobile, and Big Break NFL airs Tuesdays at 9PM ET only on Golf Channel.

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