Phenomenal Swag: Chris Paul's children's book

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Someone alert the Library of Congress, we have a new candidate for best basketball book of all time: "Long Shot" by Chris Paul(notes).

Yes, that Chris Paul. He's an author of kids' books now, obviously. Don't act like it's that surprising. It's not like he punched Skeets' favorite player in the family "juliuses" a couple of years ago. Well, he did, but he can still write kids books because of the first amendment. (Love you, America!)

Here's what we know about Chris Paul's book: It's for kids. It's a book. It's illustrated by a fellow named Frank Morrison, who is apparently a famous illustrator. It comes out September 22nd. It's real. No really, this is a real product.

Based on its Amazon product description, the story is about Chris overcoming his small stature with big dreams, determination and basketball gifts given to only about .01% of humans worldwide. You know, your typical underdog stuff.

Between CP3's hardcover, Bill Simmons' doorstop-of-a-book, and this silly thing I'm writing, it's going to be quite the battle for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Vote for me.

Ball Don't Lie's Swag Rating: Two Muggsy Bogues ...

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