Kobe Bryant's Grinch-styled shoes

For an entire generation, Kobe Bryant(notes) has been appearing on national TV on Christmas afternoon or evening while an entire generation of fans has muttered under their breath while complaining about a family that has chosen the wrong words to describe (an entire generation's) choices in life, as it was for the entire generation that proceeded it, and the one that proceeded that one, and so on.

Kobe Bryant's latest choice in life? Via Trey Kerby, from The Basketball Jones? It's an Ecto Cooler-styled sneaker based around the brilliance of Theodor Geisel's "How The Grinch Stole Christmas!" fable. And he'll wear it on Christmas, in a game against the Miami Heat (natch) for all of us to behold.

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So, behold:

Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, outfitted his knave-turned-hero in a pea soup-style of green. And while pea soup is delicious and sometimes nutritious, the color behind it isn't always the smartest sartorial choice. I'm cool with this turn, though.

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How's about you?

(More photos after the jump.)

(OG HT: Sole Collector.)

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