Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert lashes out at LeBron, again

Wow, did anyone notice that Cleveland Cavalier owner Dan Gilbert (the guy who sent that nasty open letter to LeBron James(notes) last July) called James an "A-Hole" on Twitter the other night? Because that actually happened, you may not have heard.

Luckily, Cleveland Frowns bossman Peter Pattakos saw it, and was kind enough to pass the information behind the Tweet our way. Apparently it was written - and such fine writing it is - as a response to James' recent comments regarding race's influence on the galaxy-wide batch of anger and enmity that resulted from "The Decision." Gilbert decided that Charles Barkley wasn't crass enough in his response, so he decided to one-up the Chuckster in a not-at-all-borderline-inscrutable way.

And while we continue to shake our heads at the unfortunate way James continues to be led around by a mug like Maverick Carter, he's still a 25-year-old with a diminished sense of perspective who is growing up in public.

Dan Gilbert's a 48-year-old guy who calls other people "A-Holes" on Twitter. So, win/win, NBA.

It's been a tough week for NBA owners, what with Washington's Ted Leonsis being fined $100,000 and Mark Cuban getting frustrated with his DVR, but this one is a biggie. And let's not forget, of course, that Gilbert's constant pampering and acquiescing to James' handlers had as much to do with LeBron's current bout of nasty narcissism as anything. Or that his former GM's personnel moves, the ones that left James without a supporting cast to match the sort of outfits that helped Kobe Bryant(notes) and Dwyane Wade(notes) win rings, had just about everything to do with LeBron taking his talents to South Beach.

Naw, let's keep flailing away. Nothing like ethics insight done in 140 characters or less, with six of those bad boys being used up to type "A-Hole." Twice.

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