And the NBA Oscar goes to

Quick disclaimer: I linked to a NBA Oscars post earlier this month. The crew at Le Basketbawl did a great job and I highly recommend you check theirs out. With that said, it's a quiet post-trade Friday, the Academy Awards are on Sunday, and well, I feel like handing out some Oscar-inspired NBA hardware of my own.

So grab a milkshake, enjoy the show, and let the academy (er, me) know where they went wrong in the comments.

Best Picture: Los Angeles Lakers

Sure, the Celtics have the best record (41-11), but no one is playing even close to the level the Lakers are right now. Everything is clicking. The bench has been huge, Kobe’s picking his spots, Odom’s plucking the third-string, and Gasol’s already bear-hugging Sasha Vujacic. It'll be interesting to see whether bringing Andrew Bynum back into the mix disrupts the shui. Other nominees: New Orleans Hornets, Boston Celtics, Utah Jazz

Best Actor: LeBron James

Chris Paul has David West, Tyson Chandler and Peja Stojakovic. Kobe Bryant has Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum. LeBron James has a house with a bowling alley in it. Seriously. You can’t knock 19 fourth-quarter comebacks just because he's parked up in the East. (With that said, the Cavs will HAVE to win 50-plus for LBJ to actually touch Podoloff.) Other nominees: Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant

Best Supporting Actor: Manu Ginobili

He's the Walter Brennan of the NBA. Other nominees: Josh Smith, Jose Calderon, Stephen Jackson, Hedo Turkoglu

Best Director: Byron Scott

If you had told me in November that the New Orleans Hornets would have one of the best records in the league come mid-February, I would’ve punched you in the mouth and demanded you stop seeing my sister. She deserves better than that. She deserves someone like Byron Scott. A winner. Other nominees: Phil Jackson, Nate McMillan, Doc Rivers

Best Editing: Los Angeles Lakers

What a mid-season splice. GM Mitch Kupchak traded a guy they didn’t want (Kwame Brown), a point guard they rarely used (Javaris Crittenton), and two whatever first-round picks for a freakin' 20-10 former All-Star (Pau Gasol). Not bad. Hopefully Mitch shares the golden statue with puppet master Jerry West. Other nominees: Dallas Mavericks, Utah Jazz

Best Screen play: Peja Stojakovic's double-OT winner vs. the Suns

Incredible ending to an incredible game. Here's with the mini-play-by-play: "[Peja] shot that thing almost back over his shoulder at the basket, having faked Amare Stoudemire a little and turning back the other way. Impossible shot. There's no way he should hit that. But he did, and that's why we pay him the mega bucks." Other nominees: Crawford breakin' ankles, Hedo's game-winner vs. the C's, Jason Richardson kills Manu