You're going to like this — Ball Don't Lie is on Facebook

Hey cool guys and girls, let me talk to you about Ball Don't Lie's new Facebook page which is surely the most righteous page on Facebook and most likely the Internet, based on several independent studies. If you like Facebook and you like basketball, you're definitely going to like Ball Don't Lie's Facebook page because it is for sure a combination of those two things.

What's going to be going on over there? No idea, really. But I do know it's a great place to post things that aren't totally post-worthy, like Kelly and I walking behind Joakim Noah(notes) and admiring his red shoes (about the 1:00 mark). That was totally posted on Facebook earlier, and two people liked it. Besides me and Kelly, so four, technically.

But really, you should "like" the page or be a "fan" of it or whatever those dudes are calling it these days. We are going to have so much fun being friends on another website. As always, thanks for reading Ball Don't Lie and thanks for being a part of this promotional message.